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Zambianco Sugar and Alcohol

Our business unit in Tietê/SP has more than 400 employees and has the capacity to process more than 1 million tons of sugar-cane per harvest, producing white sugar, VHP (Very High Polarization), hydrous ethanol, molasses and biomass.


In this unit, it is also located the Comercial Agropecuária Santo Antônio (CASA), a company dedicated exclusively to the group’s agricultural activities. It is the responsible for the sugar-cane supply, taking care of the whole feedstock productive process, from the planting to the harvest. In addition, the company manage the cattle raising business and grain production of Zambianco Group.

Fazenda Santo Antonio, Bairro Pederneiras, Tietê/SP.

Nova Platina Bioenergy 

Our business unit in Platina/SP has more than 150 employees and has the capacity to grind more than 400 thousand tons of sugar-cane per harvest. Its production brings hydrous ethanol, brandy, syrup and biomass.


Bairro Água da Mumbuca, Platina/SP.

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