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Environmental Sustainabilty

Our Environmental Policy

How does the group protect the environment?
CO² Absorption

We have approximately 34.5 thousand planted acres of sugar-cane, a plant that absorbs CO², this way contributing to the reduction of gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Bushfire Prevention

We combat, inspect and raise awareness among producers to keep the burning of the sugar-cane straw extinct.

Water Reuse

We use a closed water reuse system that has the support of Estação de Tratamento de Água (ETA), significantly decreasing the water use in our processes.  

Crop Rotation and Waste Reuse

We adopted modern handling techniques, crop rotation, systematization and reuse of waste like the filter cake and vinasse that return to the tillage as organic fertilizers, resulting in a better soil conservation and in reducing the amount of inputs needed for the production. The vinasse and the liquid organic-mineral fertilizer (waste from the amino acids factories) are important allies and together become an important way of fertilization for tillage.   

Renewable Fuel Production

We produce hydrous ethanol, a fuel that emits 90% less greenhouse gases compared to gasoline, which is a fossil fuel.

Electric Energy Self-Sufficiency

In addition to these products, we rely on the electricity generation from sugar-cane bagasse, a renewable energy source.

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