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About Us

Zambianco Group

Since 1957, we are a business group in the sugar-alcohol sector that provides energy to people and companies through the union of three pillars: the tradition, the family work and an efficient corporative governance.


We operate in all the sugar-cane production chain, providing sugar, ethanol and other high quality products to national and international market.


We work aiming to spread our values through generations. To the market, sustaining in economic, environmental and social way all of our public: clients, partners, investors, employees, suppliers, community and the environment. We provide energy that brings result.


Zambianco Group, energy by tradition.



Producing food and clean energy to the world through agriculture and cattle raising, valuing the associates’ capital, respecting the human ethics, the environment and the society as a whole, specially the micro-regions where we operate, seeking to satisfy our clients, suppliers and employees.


To be a company that operates seeking the optimization of the agro-industrial production, with security in the feedstock supplying, strategic leadership in costs, increasing the profitability and high liquidity


- Respect;
- Teamwork;
- Excellence;
- Honor;
- Security.

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