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Our Quality Policy

We seek for continuous improvement of our processes with the aim of keeping the quality working on 6 fronts: the product, the employees, the environment, the community, the legislation and the group profitability.


Product: developing and providing high quality products that meet the customer’s need and have competitiveness through the innovation, standardization and reliability on our activities.


Employees: invest and promote a professional growth and constant quality of life to all of our employees.


Environment: control the productive process focusing on preserving the environment and create public awareness.


Community: optimize processes to create relationships and integration with the communities in the areas we operate.


Legislation: comply with the current legislation, other applicable requirements from clients and other interested institutions, like the Government and regulatory bodies.  


Profitability: expand our market share in which we operate to increase profitability, consolidating our structure and promoting and a fair profitability for our shareholders.


Quality Policy

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