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The trajectory of the Zambianco Group

From the Italian origin to the energy supplying.


With the coffee crisis, when many farmers were obligated to change their cultivation, the family decided to deepen its roots in the sugar-cane cultivation.


Over the years and facing the need for growth, the industrial park was transferred to a wider place, where nowadays is located the Usina Pederneiras and the group’s administrative headquarter.


Starts the syrup production.


Starts the sugar production and ends the cachaça production, the product that marked the origin of the group.  


The group expand the business in the sugar-energy sector with the acquisition of a distillery in the city of Platina/SP, Nova Platina Bioenergia Ltda. With that, the sugar-cane grinding capacity was expanded to more than 1.200 tons per harvest, consolidating the position in the sector.

Early 20th century

The Zambianco family, composed by Italian immigrants, conquer its first own space. A land of 693,674 acres in the city of Tietê/SP, naming it as Fazenda Santo Antônio. In the early years the support came from coffee growing and the production of handmade cachaça.


With the increasing importance of the handmade cachaça for the business, the small alembic was transformed into a brandy industry. That was how the Indústria de Aguardente Pederneiras Ltda. was founded.


Starts a new cycle with the implementation of a broad investment plan in factory expansion and production mix diversification.


The beginning of the hydrous ethanol production.


It was created the Comercial Agropecuária Santo Antônio Ltda. A company entirely dedicated to the field, responsible for managing and taking care of the properties, agricultural activities and cattle raising of Zambianco Group.


It was founded the Frederico Zambianco Association, created to manage and expand the social actions of the group.

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